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The SERENISSIME TRAME exhibition, curated by Claudia Cremonini, Moshe Tabibnia and Giovanni Valagussa, is the first museum presentation of the Zaleski collection, with a selection of twenty-six, very early carpets from the Near East. The carpets will be accompanied by rare Renaissance paintings and a nucleus of the collector Giorgio Franchetti’s precious carpets.
The exhibition is open from 23 March to 10 September.
The exhibition is being held at the Galleria Giorgio Franchetti at Ca’ d’oro, in Venice.
Tickets can be bought at the museum ticket office or online at this address: http://www.vivaticket.it/index.php?nvpg%5Bevento%5D&id_show=71451
The exhibition has the following opening times: Monday, from 8.15 to 2 pm; Tuesday – Sunday, from 8.15 to 7.15 pm
Yes, the exhibition is closed on Monday 1 May
No, to safeguard the works exhibited photos may not be taken.
Sorry but eating or drinking when visiting the exhibition is not allowed.
No, animals are not allowed into the exhibition.
A deposit for luggage is available in the museum at a cost of .50 cents per piece and is obligatory for items larger than 20x30x15 cm, such as large bags or projecting objects, backpacks, umbrellas or other things whose risk will be assessed by the security staff.

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