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The foundation was set up in 2008 by the engineer Romain Zaleski and in 2009 recognised by the Regione Lombardia. It is a not-for-profit provider working mainly in the sphere of culture, education, instruction and training, also through the promotion of and participation in specialist events at a school and university level. It is also involved in social welfare, charity and public works in the Valle Camonica district, promoting improvements in the reference community’s quality of life and stimulating its civil, cultural, social, environmental and economic development, financing specific projects also in association with other public and private corporations.

The foundation’s philanthropic activity is carried out through the support of local projects of various kinds and significance and the promotion of emblematic projects in which its role is propositional, orientational and that of bringing together other local institutions. The approach is as much as possible one of networking, through dialogue with local institutions, other local foundations and membership of Assifero, the national association of philanthropic corporations.

Serenissime Trame


Galleria Giorgio Franchetti alla Ca’ d’Oro, Cannaregio 3932, Venezia


Its resources have been devoted to culture (60%), education and training (20%) and social events (20%).

In 2014 the Fondazione Tassara received the donation of a collection of great scientific value from the Zaleski family consisting of 1325 antique carpets for the future creation of a specialist museum devoted to their conservation and presentation to the public and scholars.

The Foundation’s Projects

The main project in terms of the absorption of resources has been participation in the establishment and management of the Fondazione Teatro Grande of Brescia. The Fondazione Tassara is one of its founding members, along with the most important local public (regional, provincial and municipal governments and Chamber of Commerce) and private (UBI, A2A) institutions. The Fondazione Teatro Grande is nationally representative of a new, successful, mixed public-private management model that is an example for other cities, shown by the exponential growth of public participation in cultural events and the extraordinary quality of the offer.

Noteworthy among the emblematic projects promoted by the foundation (or in continuity with the philanthropic activities organised directly by the Zaleski family) are its support of the Accademia Arte e Vita and the Teatro delle Ali of Breno, the relaunch of the USD Breno football team (which trains about 170 boys in the youth teams and the top team), also in agreement with the Comune di Breno, which has modernised the stadium, creation of the Fondazione Scuola Cattolica di Valle Camonica (which has relaunched secondary and professional education in Valle Camonica), the MicroCam project for the support of vulnerable people or new companies through MicroCredito, in partnership with PerMicro and the Comunità Montana. The foundation is also one of the main supporters of the Fondo Territoriale di Valle Camonica promoted by the Fondazione di Comunità Bresciana.

As part of its support for education and training it has also devoted special attention to projects aimed at the scholastic inclusion of disabled children, in the spirit of a tangible implementation of Catholic values of altruism, integration and recognition of the value of each individual in their specific difference, in partnership with other local foundations.

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