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Carpets from the Zaleski collection
and Renaissance paintings

Serenissime Trame featured twenty-six very early Oriental carpets, extraordinary, highly coloured textiles composed of elaborate weaves with a powerful symbolic charge. The exhibition allowed a comparison of precious products with some Italian paintings dating from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

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The heart of the exhibition

The Galleria Giorgio Franchetti at Ca’ d’Oro hosted the Serenissime Trame exhibition from 23 March to 23 September 2017, the first museum presentation of the Zaleski Collection.

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Fondazione Tassara

The Fondazione Tassara, established in 2008 by Romain Zaleski, was recognised as such in 2009 by the Regione Lombardia.

The Fondazione Tassara is a not-for-profit organisation working in the field of culture, education, instruction and training. In 2014 it received a donation of great scientific value from the Zaleski family, consisting of 1325 antique carpets, with the future aim of setting up a museum dedicated to their conservation and presentation to the public and to scholars.

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Serenissime trame.
14 July 2017
The exhibition has been extended to Sunday 10 September.
18 May 2017
On 20 and 21 May 2017 come back the festival that celebrates...
15 May 2017
Short interview with Claudia Cremonini director of the Ca' d'Oro museum and co-curator of the Venice exhibition
14 April 2017
Brief interview with Moshe Tabibnia co-curator of the Venice exhibition and curator of the Brescia exhibition.
3 April 2017
Brief interview with Giovanni Valagussa, co-curator of the exhibition.
21 March 2017
Short interview with Daniele Ferrara, Director of the Polo museale del Veneto.

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