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Polo Museale del Veneto

Polo Musealedel Veneto

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, following the D.P.C.M. of 29 August 2014, n. 171 of 11 December 2014, has found a new organisational structure and seen the institution of the Poli Museali Regionali, peripheral expressions of the Direzione generale Musei. Among their responsibilities, the Poli Museali ensure the provision of the public service of use and appreciation of the state cultural institutes and places, define the strategies and objectives of appreciation and promote the integration of cultural pathways for their enjoyment and tourist-cultural itineraries.

The constitution of a regional museum system is envisaged to guarantee the development of culture, taking in state cultural institutes and places and those of the public administrations present in the area of jurisdiction or of other public and private subjects; a system in which the Polo Museale must ensure high quality standards and encourage the greatest accessibility.

The increase of the museum collections with new acquisitions, the organisation of temporary exhibitions and the promotion of cataloguing, study, restoration, communication and appreciation are fundamental for the Polo Museale. It is equally important to encourage non-entrepreneurial syndicated forms for the management of municipal offices with regional corporations and through agreements with cultural or voluntary organisations, endowed with suitable requirements, that have by statute the purpose of promoting and circulating a knowledge of the cultural heritage.

The modifications to the decree of 23 December 2014, carrying the ‘Organisation and function of state museums’, came into force with the DM 43 of 23 January 2016, with which, at Art. 7, the national museum system is established, aimed at the networking of Italian museums and the integration of museum services and activities.


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